Suryodaya Charitable School

Suroyodaya Schools, a Division of IISD Edu World, are formed with the object of imparting, promoting and spreading education for underprivileged children and weaker sections of the society. Education for underprivileged Children is the key whether we are addressing healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human right issues.

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to kindle the light of education to as many children as possible.

Our mission is to spread education among the poorer section of the society, as we know that only quality education is the key to overcome poverty in a single generation.

Our mission is to prepare children for a better future and support them throughout their school life. Suryodaya promotes not only the children’s immediate well-being but also tries to maximize the opportunities available to them, thereby enhancing their quality of life.

Our Vision

  • We at Suryodaya believe that every child has a right to be educated so as to be enabled to compete in the main stream.
  • Suryodaya Schools have been established as a temple of learning in order to provide a rich and holistic education for children coming from poor socio-economic backgrounds so they can have a better future
  • Our endeavor is to provide for all-round development of the children under our care that goes beyond simple literacy and numeracy.
  • We believe that only a healthy body and mind can bring success in life. We work hard to create an environment that supports the values of love, respect, caring, sharing, as well as provides a stress free environment to our students.
  • We work with our students to mould them into good, responsible and hard- working individuals who will have the skills to support themselves and their families as adults.

The Suryodaya Curriculum is based on that of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. We are an English Medium Co-educational Institute for underprivileged students of society who are nurtured and educated from the primary level upwards. In order to ensure that every student receives individual attention, each class is divided into sections. The Students of Suryodaya require special guidance as they come from poor backgrounds where they have faced significant deprivation.

Primary Wing

The curriculum is comprehensive and aims to empower each child with competitive skills and knowledge informed by social and ethical values. In Suryodaya School, we have a pre-primary section consisting of LKG, UKG, I & II. Our motto in this area is to develop well-groomed students who build up a strong foundation that will help them cope with the academics of primary classes. In LKG we have rhymes, subjects like English and Number work, EVS, GK, Pairing Activities, Elementary Exercises, Sensorial Activities and Physical Training Sessions as well as drawing, art & craft for motor development.

Middle Wing

Students in the Middle school are taught in a manner so as develop a spirit of enquiry. Based on the sound pedagogical practice of learning by doing. Subjects taught include Language and number skills, Bengali, English, Math, Science, History, Geography, GK. For the all-round development of the child art and craft, drawing, physical education classes are also a part of the curriculum. Since most students in our schools are first generation learners, spelling dictation and reading classes are conducted on regular basis in order to provide additional support.

Senior Wing

In the senior school we are fully compliant with the guidelines laid down by WBBSE. All teaching is done through structured and regulated processes in order to prepare our students to face the academic challenge of appearing for a Board Exam. Academic support is given by our very able staff. As our students are unlikely to have learning support at home, remedial classes are arranged in school before/after school hours. The school not only prepares students for the Board Examination but attempts to develop their natural talents through a range of extra-curricular activities.

English Medium Education

The medium of instruction is English. English speaking is also emphasized during school hours.

Computer Education

We impart computer education to our students for the enhancement of technological progress and ensure better career.

Medical Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment

Routine health check-ups are mandatory and proper treatments are undertaken in case of any potential problem.


Safe and hygienic meal is provided to the students so that their nutritional levels are improved.

Drinking Water

Clean and safe drinking water is provided throughout school hours


In Suryodaya we have a facility for personal counseling and consultation for our students to ensure their mental stability.

Health Education

We encourage health education to builds students' knowledge, awareness, skills, and positive attitudes about health.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach porgrams are held giving students the opportunity to get involved in community service on a regualr basis.


Children who are in the school also receive books, school uniform, stationery, and other requirements for their schooling.

Cultural Events

Through cultural events students come together to connect more deeply with each other and with the cultures of the world.

Science Exhibition

Exhibitions are held so that the students get an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in practical field.

Parent Teachers Associations

Such associations are formed to facilitate parental participation in the day to activities of the school.

Sensitization on Child Rights and Education

To prevent child exploitation, we sensitize the students about child rights and education.

Annual Sport Meet

With the purpose to instill sportsman spirit among students, to enhance their physical skills, sports meet is organized once a year.

Exposure Visits

While the purpose is to essentially educate, these visits also creates a fun bonding experience for everyone.