Vocational Courses

Suryodaya School is a school for the underprivileged students where education is imparted to them free of cost. Other than educating them and making them fit to face the challenges of life we have started WOMAN EMPOWERMENT programme in the school campus itself. Keeping in mind that empowering women will help to view herself as a complete person we have started two courses for them.

Computer classes are being conducted in the school premises itself on Saturdays and Sunday. Qualified teachers teach them and guide them and even conduct practical classes. We have more than dozen computers in school. They will be awarded certificates at the end of their course. More than twenty young girls are become e-literate. Other than academics they are technically trained so that they get better options in future. Suryodaya is trying its best to empower women and secure a better future for them.

Quilling or paper figurine is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs in cards, photo frames, jewellery boxes etc. Teachers of Suryodaya have been trained with quilling art. They in turn are training the women mainly the mothers of our school students. They prepare small petals out of colourful paper strips and the petals are assembled to prepare beautiful flowers, leaves etc. These flowers and petals are assembled on cards, jewellery boxes, envelopes etc.

This has led to empowerment of women. Women have learned to understand economics and how to make money. This has enabled to them to be financially self sufficient. They are being paid for preparing the flowers. This has helped them in raising the standard of the family.

Vocational Dance Training

Dance enhances physical, emotional, and social skills. Exposure to dance and performances gives the students another way to express their emotions through a physical art form. Dance is a group activity and the students of Suryodaya school and nearby schools enrolled themselves in vocational dance classes that is being held in the school premises itself.