About Us


Educationist and chief patron Ms Sunita Kanoria took up the reins of the Suryodaya Schools in 2012. These are two English medium secondary schools which provide services to children coming from slum areas in Kolkata, one in Santoshpur and the other one in Birati. She leads a committed team of teachers and staff who work tirelessly to provide quality and holistic education to children coming from the weaker socio-economic sections of the society. Besides innovative methods of teaching academics, vocational training is provided in a number of areas such as computer, dance, art and craft- all on the school premises, in an attempt to develop all round performers. Suryodaya promotes the health and over-all well-being of the children coming to the school through various initiatives such as a healthy and nutritious meal at lunch-time; health checks and referrals for treatment as required. Children are motivated to perform in a student friendly environment where the ethos is a belief in the potential of each child. Mrs Kanoria’s tireless efforts ensure that both the schools prepare our children to be worthy citizens of society.

The 'City of Joy' is home to millions of economically backward people living in under- developed neighborhoods where the extent of poverty and the level of deprivation can be difficult to comprehend. .Suryodaya was set up as one small step to reach out to and assist the children from the slums near the Santoshpur Area off the eastern metro bypass and Birati.

Suryodaya consists of two English Medium schools recognized by West Bengal Board of Secondary Education; which cater to the weaker section of the society. We at Suryodaya recognize the importance of education as a key to building a future for children coming from poor backgrounds and enabling them to improve their socio – economic conditions. We also are aware that many children living in the slums and on the streets of Kolkata are not always motivated to go to school. When they do, they often lack access to the necessary conditions – both material and social – because of which they cannot successfully carry on with their studies. Our purpose is to provide meaningful and holistic education in a motivating environment. Our goals are:

  • Achieving 100% school enrolment and retention
  • Minimizing school dropouts
  • Promoting girl child education
  • Enabling teachers to be effective as facilitators of learning
  • Promoting the culture of reading
  • Equipping children with skills for life
  • Providing a conducive learning environment
  • Community participation that supports learning

The children of our school come from the slums and poor socio-economic areas within a radius of 3-5 km from the school. Every morning these children come from their homes to the schools and back once the school day is over. This ensures secure travelling of the school students as well as prevents them from missing out school or going elsewhere during school hours.

Principal: Mrs. Paulami Dey

“Every noble work is at first impossible”. Well, that’s how it seemed to me when I took up the responsibility as the Head of an institution of Suryodaya School (Santoshpur & Birati) being entrusted to manage more than 700 students belonging to the under priviledged section of the Society. I empathize with the kids, respect them and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon.

Suryodaya understands that providing education is just one step in integrating socially and economically challenged children into the main stream. Through Suryodaya, we are able to touch their lives, not just through education, but also by providing them an environment where they feel cared for. Education is an important step to facilitate the vision of excellence, a mission to build a beautiful and a just world. We aim for all round development and building confidence among our students. As it is justly said “you can teach a student a lesson for a day but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives”.

Let not failures and setbacks hold the students of Suryodaya down! Enter the struggle with renewed courage. That matters! Try and try again until you succeed! Develop will power, it can carry the SURYODANS through many difficulties! Even impossibilities! And the experience they gain in failing, will bring them victory at the end. We are confident that together as a team we can help these underprivileged students to become responsible and conscientious human beings.

Class VIII

I want to take my school to a height, where everyone would feel to get into. In our school, other than studies we are encouraged to participate in dancing singing, art & craft and regular exercise in the morning. Due to all these there is an overall development in our personality. I realized that my school has helped me in many ways because of which I am a happier person today. I love my school and I miss my school in the vacations. I am happy and cheerful when I come to school. I want to thank all the teachers of my school as they are always there for me whenever I am in need.

Class VIII

School is a place where you can learn and my teachers are very inspiring. When I come to school I don’t only look for my friends but also I wait that what new things I will get to learn. Our teachers not only encourage us to study but also to participate in cultural programs. Sports, singing, dancing, computer and yoga are other activities held in my school. My school and my teachers have helped me to develop my personality and I believe that school have an immense influence on one’s behavior. Teachers help us to explore our ideas and to increase our eagerness to know new things.

Sreya Ghosh
Class VIII

‘Where there is a will, there is a way', this is what our teachers have taught us in our childhood. I will never forget this motivating quote in my life. I was four years old when I was admitted in this school and now I study in Class-VIII. The teachers here are very good and soft-hearted. They always want the best for us. We also have classes in art and craft, handicraft, yoga and music. I participate in many exciting cultural programs held in our school. Here we are also taken care of like we suddenly fall sick, they provide medicines for us. I love my school and I am a proud Suryodayan.